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About us

Our Mission

The Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas advances knowledge and promotes awareness of our state’s diverse past through public programming and educational exhibits.

Our organization is committed to educating the people of Texas and visitors from around the world about early Texas history until the nineteenth-century. The Center stresses the importance of the significant roles the early settlers, Native Americans, priests, military and political leaders played in the development of Texas through public programming, exhibits, and events.


The New Stewards of Texas History

Our goal is to build a public organization that partners with community leaders, educators and scholars to ensure that future programs, historical exhibits and publications as well as documentaries, films, TV and radio programming, web sites and artwork promote and preserve history in the Lone Star State.

The Center works with like-minded organizations including the Texas Historical Commission, the Texas State Historical Association and the National Trust of Historic Preservation to create enriching materials and environments that will benefit everyone. Programs offered are centered on education, research, media, genealogy, awards and public outreach.


The Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas is proud to announce that Miguel Angel Mazarambroz, Cónsul General of Spain in México will be taking the people of San Antonio back to a little known aspect of the American Revolution in the 1770s; the pivotal role the government of New Spain played in helping the Continental Army win the war against the British.

As part of its mission, The Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas hosts a variety of programs throughout the year to educate the public about our Hispanic ancestors. From our casual Lunch & Learn events to our Hispanic Heritage Forums, each event is geared toward creating awareness about Hispanic legacy issues and how each of us can be a part of preserving and celebrating Hispanic history.


Directly behind the museum space will be our research library. The Research Library at the Hispanic Heritage Center will contain scholarly works that will serve as a resource to those who seek out more information on the history of Hispanics in Texas. Besides primary physical assets the library will provide access to state of the art technology to access research materials from around the country and around the world. The facility will also house classrooms for outreach programs.

The Southeast corner of The Hispanic Heritage Center will house the organizations administrative offices and an auditorium for performances, conferences, lectures, and symposiums.

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